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    How’d the name LUVLYBEE come to be?

    From the Founder: Blessing Eseosa Enofe (B.E.E.)

    “I have the alias Luvlybee because: First off, My initials are B. E. E. but we know the Bee for two things 1) It produces honey 2) It stings painfully.

    I remember when I first discovered my initials were ‘Bee’ in primary school, I ran to my mum to tell her that I don’t want to be a bee because it stings but, she lovingly sat me down and told me that I am a Blessing and my Bee is the one that produces honey and sweetens the lives of others.

    And so, I held on to that and it gives me joy to bring sweetness to the lives of those I come in contact with. Yes, I associate with Number 1 not Number 2.


    Secondly, the prefix lovely spelt ‘Luvly’ came when I searched the scriptures and discovered that the greatest gift/fruit is LOVE and we were also instructed to think on things that are LOVELY!

    So, LUVLY + BEE = LULYBEE. This has been my nickname, my pen name, my handle and my business identity since I made the discovery. The name is not coincidental, it is intentional! ❤️

    That said, the Luvlybee’s group is the fruit of this understanding and now the name is a Household name.

    It’s no more just unique to me – If you partner with us to help recognize and develop potentials, you are indeed producing honey to sweeten the lives of others. And You are a Luvlybee!

    Do you feel you have skills that would be useful to this cause and you’d like to join us? We’d like to meet you. Feel free to send us an email via info@theluvlybeesgroup.com Cheers!” 

    – Blessing Enofe (Founder, The Luvlybee’s Group) 

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    Helping individuals/ groups recognise and develop their potentials

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    Blessing Enofe

    Digital Social Solopreneur (Aspiring Digital Social Entrepreneur)

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    Blessing Eseosa Enofe (B.E.E.) is a multi-talented lady with a life vision/call to provide sustainable transgenerational solutions to help people (individuals and groups), all around the globe, to recognize/determine and develop their potentials for full utilization in purpose fulfilment, to the glory of God. She currently works towards this by enlightening minds through diverse digital media and communication channels and is upskilling and preparing towards providing Extended Reality / Immersive Media (XR) Learning Experience Design (LxD) Solutions for human services, in this regard.

    Who We Are

    The Luvlybee's Group

    The Luvlybee’s Group is a social enterprise that offers various projects and services aimed at recognizing and developing the potential of individuals and groups in a sustainable way.

    This means that the impact of our work would be long-lasting and not harmful to the environment or society.


    A social enterprise is a business that has a primary goal of creating a positive social impact. while also generating revenue.

    In this case, the goal of the Luvlybee’s group is to help people recognize their innate abilities, as well as develop them, for full utilization in purpose fulfillment. 

    The term “develop potentials” refers to the group’s focus on helping individuals and groups to achieve their full potential, through diverse training programs, mentoring, coaching, and other forms of projects and support services that help people both recognise and/or build their abilities, skills, talents and confidence.

    Overall, the Luvlybee’s group is a socially responsible business that is focused on empowering individuals and groups to reach their full potential in a sustainable way, to achieve personal and professional goals that benefit both themselves and society as a whole.


    Blessing Enofe started out with the pioneer business – Luvlybee’s Multidimensional Services (LMS) — an affordable-ticket freelance digital creative communication and virtual assistance service business that helps women-owned businesses/brands and social-impact organizations to creatively tell their stories across the internet to get their target audience to take action and become both willing and returning customers/clients.

    This service business is now a  a part of the Luvlybee’s Group of Projects and Services — a growing social business enterprise with the aim of helping individuals and groups to recognize and develop their potentials for full utilization in purpose fulfilment, to the glory of God. The proceeds from the services she renders are mainly used to fund projects around her life purpose.

    One of these projects which is currently in motion is the Luvlybee’s Growth Channels (LGC), where she creates healthy mind-body-soul contents that are focused on self (and purpose) discovery, personal growth (wellness and development) and living the Spirit-of-God-Controlled Christian lifestyle, using diverse digital creative communication media on several channels and platforms, across the internet.

    The Luvlybee’s Group also has the Learn Online with Luvlybee/ Luvlybee’s Online Learning (LOL) project ongoing – to train women and teens with digital creative communication skills. This is to empower the women to be financially independent and the teens to be digitally sound – ready to positively impact their generation.

    In addition, the Luvlybee’s Group has some upcoming projects in the pipeline. Worthy to note amongst them is the Luvlybee’s Foundation for Sustainable People Development (LFSPD), where she seeks to design Immersive Media Learning Experiences (XR-LxD) to help people recognize and develop their potentials, using Extended Reality (XR). This includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) experiences. LFSPD is a long-term project, so she is currently learning and acquiring the XR-LxD skills needed to make it a reality.

    Other projects and services in the pipeline include a Trilogy novel targeted at teens, a Digital creative communication consulting service and more to come, as she is inspired per time.