Our Values at Luvlybee’s Multidimensional Services

    • God first/Fear of God
    • Integrity/Honesty
    • Accountability
    • Diligence/Hard work
    • Compassion
    • Respect
    • Love
    • Trust
    • Faith
    • Service to God and Humanity
    • Creativity/Innovation
    • Self discipline
    • Perseverance

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    LUVLYBEE’S MULTIDIMENSIONAL SERVICES: Creativity and Innovation at your fingertips…

    Connect With Luvlybee's Multidimensional Services (LMS)

    Luvlybee’s Multidimensional Services (LMS with CAC — BN3518390 | SMEDAN: OO SUIN77616817) is a Social Business Venture under the Luvlybee’s Group. We provide quality and affordable Digital Creative Services for women-owned/social impact brands to increase productivity…

    Have you heard about Know-Like-Trust in converting your audience to paying customers? That’s what Luvlybee’s Service is here to do for you. Help you gain your audience’s trust, so that they can become willing clients and paying customers by creatively telling your brand story.

    We help social impact and women-led businesses and organisations tell their stories, and become known and trusted by their target audience so that they take action; via digital creative communications, as seen below.

    Our services include Freelance Web Content Writing, UX Writing, Creative Copywriting, Customized Notes, 2D, 3D, White Board Explainer Animations, Logo Conversion to 3D comics, 3D Animation logos, Comics, Digital Creative Skills Coaching and much more.

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